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Committed to You

Using the vast experience of our team members, we work efficiently and effectively to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Consulting Engineering Services from Robert E. Dale Limited in Sarnia

Since 1991, Robert E. Dale Limited in Sarnia has provided consulting engineering services and project management for commercial, multi-residential, and industrial clients across Canada. Our structural and all our design work is approached with the client’s needs in mind in an honest and ethical manner. 

On average, our office works on over 300 projects across Canada per year. Our expertise from different team members allows us to help with projects from concept to completion. We work together to ensure your building is functional and efficient as possible. Whether you’re looking to construct a building from scratch or want to revamp an existing one, our team has the necessary experience to provide you with a design and concept that meets your needs.

An Efficient Engineering Practice

Compared to traditional engineering practice, our office helps companies complete their construction from start to finish. With our feasibility studies, we determine whether or not the proposed land meets the requirements of your proposed building. Our design department then prepares a design for the proper construction of your project. We coordinate the construction of your building and provide the required supervision and management to ensure your construction project goes as planned.

To begin your project, contact a member of our consulting team. With high attention to detail and a fast turnaround, we strive to match your building to your vision. Let’s begin the discussion!

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Professional Guidance

Get the expertise of a licensed consulting engineer for your company’s next project.


Building Sarnia

For over 25 years, our office has helped the commercial industry build amazing creations.


Start Building

From renovations to new builds, we can help with the structural elements of your building.

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